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Welcome to the home of Sweet Cacophony Records and Illuminart. Thaneah is an Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) singer/songwriter and visual artist. She is artandmusicgirl. Her name is commonly misspellt. Here are other spellings: Taneya, Tanaya, Tannaya, Tenneya, Tanneah, Taneah, Tanehya, Taneyha, Tenea, Teneah, Teneya, Thannea, Thanneah, Thenneah, Thanneya, Thanneha, Thennaya, Thanneha, Thaneya, Thaneha, Thaneyha, Thanehya, Thanaya, Theneya, Thenayha, Thenahya, Thenea, Thanea, Tahneya, Tahnea, Tahnaya, Tahnahya, Tahneyha, Tahneah, Tahneha. To some, she is known as Ellen Krohn.